No matter what industry you’re in, SEO is essential for getting your brand out there, bringing in new traffic and delivering conversions.  But SEO is a game that changes so rapidly it can be hard to keep up with it.  If you work with an on-to-it online marketing company, they’ll let you know that Google makes around 3200 changes to its algorithms each year.  That means if you want to have the best SEO imaginable, you have to keep up with around 9 algorithm changes every day.  Put simply, digital marketing strategy is a full-time job.

But here’s some good news. You’ve no doubt heard of the 80/20 rule. 80% of your effectiveness or results comes from 20% of your effort. And, in this case, a good bit of that 20% effort can come from shifting your approach to content.  Once upon a time, it was enough to pack your site with “good” content, loaded with keywords. Now though, the current algorithms are created to help defend the searcher from inaccurate information. So the key acronym you need to keep in mind is E.A.T.

So, what does E.A.T mean?  It’s simple: Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Google wants to make sure that your audience is getting solid advice, whether it’s financial, medical, or whatever industry you’re involved with.  So, for real estate or mortgage brokerage, you want to make sure that you offer helpful, accurate information that gives your demographic information they can work with.  Most of Google’s attention has been focused on health and finance to date, but over the coming year, this focus will extend throughout all online industries.  So, the best approach is to start now, making sure that your content is solid, valuable, and accurate.

How can we apply this principle when working with mortgage broker marketing strategies?

Here’s the thing.  You can’t fake substance. If you want to bring expertise and authority into your content, there are a few essential ways to making that happen:

1. Include guest posts on your site

Regardless of your industry, there are some experts out there.  These are people who know the field and who have something valuable to say about it.  What’s more, they are publicly recognised as experts.  Including guest posts helps to increase your brand recognition and link their legitimacy to your own.  So, have a look at people who know their stuff, and, when it applies, present their posts on your site.  If you’re keeping up with changes in the industry, then you’re already doing half the homework.  Find a post you want to share, and you save yourself some effort while increasing both visibility and trustworthiness.

2. Make presentations and speeches at conferences

This will only work for some industries. But, if the venues are available, make it happen. This massively boosts your visibility and positions you as an expert in your industry. You can also offer expert advice to professional organisations and businesses, like giving tips to real estate agents, accountants and lawyers.  If you’re just getting started, get out there and offer your talks to as many as you can.  Each time you get an acceptance, your reputation grows.

3. Awards and other public recognition

This can come in a wide range of different forms.  Digital marketing consultants will tell you that testimonials are one way, and social media marketing is another ideal channel.  Get feedback from happy clients and customers.  And, once you’ve got it, present it on your site.  If your industry offers awards and you manage to snag one, make sure your clients know.  And, if you have to apply for these awards to make them work, do so shamelessly and with determination.  Each one you get adds vital legitimacy to your product or service.

If you’d like to know more about mortgage broker marketing or digital marketing strategies, feel free to contact us.  At Reputation by Design, we’re dedicated to helping you get your brand and your business out there.