Recently we’ve been helping a lot of clients ‘amplify’ their online presence. They might be doing a blog on their website or sending out an e-newsletter, but are not fully grasping that they can repurpose that material for other channels. Repurposing content to all of their other social media channels means they get so much more value out of the investment (be it time or dollars, or both) they’ve put into creating the initial asset.

Maybe you’ve created a written asset – why not deliver the best bits directly to camera and upload to your social media accounts?  Or an example I am especially fond of, do this in reverse: transcribe a video you’ve made. Take all of the key content and messages in it and create a blog post, You could also use the video or the transcription in an e-newsletter. I’d then suggest you put it on LinkedIn, share it on Facebook, and also share it in some way or form on Instagram and upload it to your YouTube channel too.

Taking that whole re-purposing thought one step further, dip into the video and pull out some really succinct quotes and create posts of those from this master video. Standalone quotes or quips about something really key or insightful make for great social media content. You could also extract key topics from longer videos and make them standalone posts too.

Lastly, another way amplify your content and messages and really make the most of your effort, is creating a document. If you’ve got a series of blog posts or transcribed content, wrap them up!  Grab two or three blog posts and combine them to create a booklet. Offer that as a downloadable e-book, white paper or report – give it away to your clients for free.

I hope that provides you with some new ideas that you can use to leverage assets that no doubt you created for one purpose but deserve to be amplified and so many more, varied and different ways.

If you’d like more guidance or need help to amplify your assets, call or email us today.