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Improve your chances of winning business awards with our award submission writers

Our award submission writers give you a much better chance of becoming a finalist and winner and you also get to receive all the benefits that flow on from that.

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When you don’t have enough hours in the day, or don’t know how to put your best stories forward to the judges, writing an award submission can feel like an unnecessary burden.

You might innocently let your award submission fall to the bottom of the priority list, or leave it to the last minute.

But you also know it’s important to be nominated and do well at awards to build your brand, so what’s the best plan of attack?

We will ghost write your award submission on your behalf, helping you put your best foot forward to the judges and freeing up your time.


All too often, we see people struggle to show how impressive they really are. 

You might be a bit on the shy side or too close to your business and can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s our job to pluck that success from your brain and put it on paper.

Reputation by Design® has been in the award submission writing game since we began in 2015. Our writers are experts in knowing exactly what the judges want and how to best present your story.

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On average, award-winning companies increase their sales by 39% - 63% compared to non-winning companies
The recognition helps build your reputation, and boosts credibility and authority in your brand
The free publicity an award-winning business receives can result in more business and new connections
You will experience increased retention and traction of employee talent as well as making client prospecting and conversion a lot easier

Your Local Business & Industry Awards Matter!

The marketing benefits of a nomination, becoming a finalist or a winner of a local business or industry award can be huge. We know the impact that it can have on your business and your reputation, so submitting nominations for awards is not something we take lightly.

How We Write Your Submission for Local Business Awards
and Industry Awards

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Beyond ensuring that the grammar is correct and there are no embarrassing typos, making your submission stand out from the rest comes down to three ‘S’s’: storytelling, specifics and statistics.


Our award-winning award submission writers interview you to extract examples of problems you’ve solved and how you’ve helped your clients.

Stories are memorable, personable and bring your submission to life!


Details matter and so we ensure we actually answer the question(s) the judges are asking, including answering all aspects of a question if it’s multi-faceted.

Again, using real-life examples that illustrate your skills and commitment are more compelling than just explaining ‘what you do’.


We give evidence like figures and percentages to back up what you have achieved. Generic corporate-speak and adjective-laden waffle will miss the mark.

To get the gongs, you need to showcase your efforts to the judges. Answering the questions is one thing - making those responses memorable is an art.

Like a best-selling novel, a compelling award submission tells a great story, and we have the skills to bring your award submission to life.

Why Choose Us as Your Award Submission Writers

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Our track record proves that we know what it takes to win with over 500 client wins under our belt in a range of industries and categories!

Because we use qualified journalists and not just copywriters, during your interview we extract all of those stories, statistics and specifics from you. We know what to focus on and what to look for. A small detail that might seem flippant to you, might just be the key to a successful award submission!

We collate all of the attachments required for your award submission and take care of any administration, including the set up of the online award submission portal, making it a carefree process for you!

Judges may also do their own research beyond your written submission, so it’s
also important to ensure that your broader online presence is up to date and puts your best foot forward too.

We can also update and optimise your social media presence, make sure your website is up to date and refresh any marketing collateral so it shouts your nomination and win from the rooftops.

Truly growing your reputation is more than just winning one award. We know how to leverage your award win and make the most of it through blogs, social media and email marketing.

We’ll also alert you with the next industry award that you are suitable for, meaning you won’t miss any winning opportunities, you can prepare in advance and continue to proactively craft your reputation. As most local business and industry awards are self nominations, you have to be in to win!

If you’d like to make the most of these marketing opportunities that winning awards can offer you, we can help!

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