Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

  • I’m honest, reliable and hardworking!
  • My brochure lists 33 reasons why you should choose me!
  • I ran an ad in the paper, but no-one called me!


Unless you stand out (for all the right reasons) from your competitors, there is little reason for a prospect to choose you.  

What many business people don’t get, and this is the most important point, is that customers care only about themselves. Giving them a list of reasons to choose you that’s all about you, or extolling motherhood service features is simply not what your customer wants to hear or see. Instead, you must reach into their world and look at things through their lens.

  • What’s their problem that you can help solve? Not the product you’re selling.
  • What’s their pain point? Not your headline.
  • What’s their wish? Not your background or history.


Differentiating yourself can seem hard, but here again, the quality of the questions belies the quality of the answers you’ll come up with. The “5 Whys” technique can be useful to stress-test if what you’re putting out there is differentiated enough AND whether it’s relevant, meaning it has to be all about the customer, not you.

The beauty of differentiation is that it can be achieved on EVERY plane – so there is literally space for every company – it’s just that most business people don’t take the time or make the effort to really cut through.

If you aren’t clear on your promise to your clients, it’s unlikely your clients will be!

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