We all know that no matter what niche you’re in, the success of your business depends on marketing. It’s how you reach your customers, how you get the word out so that people can take advantage of your product or service.  And, whether you’re a mortgage broker offering home loans or setting up a clothing line, there are some simple steps to take to make your marketing successful.  You have to do some research and get clear on the plan of action. Set the goals, establish an outline, and consider the ROI of each element.

Here are the five key elements to any marketing strategy:

1. Define your demographic.

In order to market effectively, the first step is to know who will want your product or service.  Know your audience. This will save you money, as you can direct your campaign to the people most likely to become customers. Set up a profile of your ideal customer. Consider their gender, age range, education level, interests, location, all of the details that have a bearing on them becoming a customer. The clearer you are about your audience, the more effective your marketing campaign will be. This translates to better ROI, more conversions, and a higher success rate.

2. Find out what your customers care about and make it a priority.

What would motivate a person to buy your product or service? Whatever you offer, it’s the solution to some problem. If you know how to address the problem and offer your business as a solution, then you know what your customers need to hear. And this is about more than just selling. The way to make yourself stand out from the competition is to understand your customers’ needs.  Then you can provide a solution that your competitors don’t, setting your marketing apart.

3. Make yourself a resource.

How much do you enjoy getting a sales pitch? If you said not very much, you’re not alone. To build a strong relationship between your business and your customer, become a resource for them. Keep up with the best and latest information in your field, and make that info available to your customers. Think about what they want or need to know, and focus on that in your newsletters, blogs, and other communications.  This legitimises you and makes your business the go to for details about the industry.

4. Post your reviews.

People trust you more when they know that other customers have been satisfied and had a good experience with your product or service. This is why personal recommendations are so important. The good thing is that online reviews are just as good as word of mouth. You must request testimonials from your clients, and make them visible to others.  This is where and online marketing agency can come in handy.  They’ll make sure your company is listed in Google My Business and anywhere else potential customers might look. This has the added benefit of increasing your search ranking as well, bringing more traffic to your site.

5. Make yourself accessible online.

The easier it is for people to find your site online, the more traffic and conversions you’ll get.  This translates directly to more success and higher profits.  It’s also key to responding to the reviews that come from your customers, which shows genuine care and improves customer relations.  The best way to do this is with social media marketing management, SEO, and PPC.  A good online marketing agency will help you to find the right strategy for your business, helping you to reach your target demographic and get the most bang for your buck.

If you want to know more about online marketing, or you’d like help finding the right strategy for your business, feel free to contact us.  At Reputation by Design, we’re dedicated to helping you bring your business to the top.