Like a bestselling novel, compelling awards submissions need to be well-written. Ensuring that the grammar is correct and there are no embarrassing typos is one thing, but making your submission stand out from the rest? That comes down to the three ‘S’s’: storytelling, specifics and statistics.

  1. Storytelling: Provide examples of scenarios you’ve solved or how you’ve helped clients.  Stories are memorable, personable and can really bring your submission to life.
  2. Specifics: Details matter and this includes ensuring you actually answer the question(s) the judges are asking, including answering all aspects of a question if it’s multi-faceted.  Again, using real-life examples that illustrate your skills and commitment are more compelling than just explaining ‘what you do’.
  3. Statistics: Give evidence – figures and percentages – to back up what you claimed to have achieved. Generic corporate-speak and adjective-laden waffle will miss the mark.

Here are some examples:

  • DON’T SAY: When I took on this role, I promised myself to become the best broker that I could possibly be.
    DO SAY: My goal was to write $24 million in my first year.  I surpassed this and wrote $27,317,148 in just my first nine months in broking and I’m on track to write $40 million in settled loans for the year.
  • DON’T SAY: Starting my career all over again is a testament to the commitment I have for my business and this industry.
  • DO SAY: Last year I helped a NSW Police Detective get pre-approval quickly, despite a high LVR (requiring a lender who would use his full income without shading it).  He purchased a home that weekend and was so impressed that he referred two colleagues to me; one of whom has also referred a colleague.

The mortgage broking industry offers an extensive array of awards you can enter throughout the year, to gain exposure and recognition and build trust and credibility with your consumers. The list of broking awards you can apply for include:

MFAA Excellence Awards

If you or your business has demonstrated exceptional customer service, professionalism, ethics, growth and innovation in the mortgage brokerage industry, then the MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) Excellence Awards are a chance to be recognised. There are both state and national gongs to be handed out. Look out for these opening every January.

Australian Broking Awards

Since 2011, these awards have celebrated professionalism, best practice and innovation in mortgage broking, and are a sought-after recognition for Australia’s brokers, brokerages, aggregators and mortgage industry leaders. Nomination open around March every year.

Young Leaders in Finance

An awards program to uncover the leading young 30 and under executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in the banking, financial advice, funds management, accounting, superannuation, mortgages and insurance sectors.  Open every March/April.

REB Awards

The REB Awards have been celebrating excellence in real estate since 2013.  Among the most coveted of awards for Australia’s agents, networks, innovators, leaders and property managers, the awards also celebrate Brokers who support the real estate industry.  Nominations usually open in May.

Australian Mortgage Awards

The leading independent awards event for the mortgage industry, recognising excellence and highlighting the outstanding achievements of brokers and brokerage businesses across Australia. Nominations again generally open in May.

Property Investor Awards

Property professionals, including brokers, agents, advisors and property managers, are the ones who help make investing in real estate a seamless, profitable experience – these awards seek to establish a benchmark for excellence in the industry. Nominations open in May.

Women in Finance Awards

Designed to highlight the outstanding work of women within the financial services industry and support the continuing growth and development of women in the financial arena, these awards are in their third year. Nominations open in July every year.


These awards primarily acknowledge professional individual and corporate members of the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) who settle a quality number of transactions in various categories. There is also a Professional Excellence Award for exceptional service as nominated by the FBAA Board of Directors. Nominations open mid-year.

Better Business Awards

The Adviser Better Business Awards are a well-known, state-based awards program that not only acknowledges the brokers who are leading the charge locally – those with the most effective business, teams, marketing strategies and integrated offering – but also lenders and aggregator BDMs. Look out for these in October.

The Adviser’s Elite Business Writers – Invitation only, this is a ranking based award.

Reputation by Design have successfully written award submissions for our clients that have won them:

  • Australian Broker of the Year National Award
  • Brokerage of the Year
  • Brokerage of the Year (Productivity)
  • Best Residential Broker
  • Young Gun of the Year
  • Best Branded Office
  • Customer Service of the Year
  • Best New Broker
  • Rising Star Award
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Young Professional
  • Mentee of the Year
  • Best Regional Office
  • Best Regional Broker

Several of these multiple times, and amongst many other finalist awards!

Finally, if the submission allows you to provide additional material in support, I favour the power of imagery over words – i.e. screenshots of your customer reviews, media coverage and online marketing.  This is where you can show, rather than tell, the judges your worthiness to win!

The marketing benefits of being nominated, and becoming a finalist and winner of major awards are huge, so if you need help to wordsmith your submission and give yourself the best chance of winning, call us on 0447 682 635 or email us today.