We’re on a mission to get more women in business on the stage and under the spotlight! 


A report by the National Women’s Business Council found that women-owned firms are underrepresented in national and international awards, with women accounting for only 12.9% of all business award winners. 

Again – why, and are we holding ourselves back? A study published in the journal Sex Roles found that women were more likely than men to experience impostor syndrome, which can lead to feelings of shyness or self-doubt in the workplace. The study found that women were more likely than men to believe that their success was due to external factors such as luck, rather than their own abilities. 

Women in the workplace

Research has also shown that women are less likely than men to self-promote or advocate for their own accomplishments in the workplace (Journal Basic and Applied Social Psychology). 

Internal locus of control – let’s take back control and get ourselves on the stage. And remember 99% of awards are self-nominated, so let’s nominate ourselves and our fellow women and knock the boys off, together. Awards are a powerful tool to grow your awareness and credibility and ultimately make lead conversion easier because the potential clients already trust you. Our clients also find they can charge a premium for their services with this additional credibility, and their team and new recruits are excited to be part of an award-winning company. 

Women in business awards 2023

  1. The Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2023: – There are almost 60 categories to choose from to ensure your unique superpowers are recognised! Find out more
  2. Women’s Business Small Business Awards 2023:

This is a global award, with an Australian chapter. And from the time you get nominated, you can use the award nominee badge. It offers 20+ categories. Find out more

  1. BEAM Awards 2023:

Again, so many diverse categories are on offer. Find out more

Choose Reputation by Design for your award submissions

If you need help with award submissions, choose Reputation by Design. We are a female-led company and we know what it takes to be successful as a woman in the workplace. Together we can work towards a future where women are at the forefront of business – interneationally. 

Benefits of working with us:

  • Comprehensive understanding of award criteria and requirements
  • Persuasive award submissions that tell your unique story
  • Higher chances of winning 🎉
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  • A stress-free experience – we handle it all!
  • We can assist in utilizing your nomination, finalist, or win to enhance lead conversion and drive growth.

Our process is:

  • An in-depth interview
  • A first draft and final submission for your review
  • Preparation of all award files and attachments
  • Plus, it’s all submitted online carefree for you.

We’ve won over 500 awards for our clients and are a multi-award-winning agency ourselves. so you’re in good hands. Contact us today.