No major brand would forgo professional graphic design so why should you? Here’s why professionally created graphics are important for businesses of all sizes. 

The rise of online DIY tools like photoshop and Canva has led to many business owners trying to tackle graphic design themselves. 

While it’s possible for anyone to click and drag a few squares and circles to create a graphic, there are strong reasons why you should invest in the services of a professional graphic design provider if you want to build a credible brand image that stands out. 

Reputation by Design brings your message to life through compelling graphics, infographics, storytelling and content to raise your credibility, professionalism and trust. Think headings, fonts, colours, hierarchy, graphs, tables, infographics, icons, and charts. Graphic design is more art than science, and best left to experts! If you want the help of a professional graphic designer, contact us today. 

Before you lose time attempting graphic design yourself, consider the following points: 

Professional graphic design involves a great deal of strategy

Think of a pianist sitting down to flawlessly play a tune. The five minutes of beautiful music they produce is a result of hundreds of hours of practice and learning.

The same applies to graphic design. It may take a professional designer a few hours to put together some concepts for a logo but this is thanks to the many years of study and experience. What’s more, the same way a pianist knows exactly when to pause and increase the tempo, a graphic designer understands how elements like colours, fonts and images can represent a brand and appeal to its target audience. 

Quality graphic design applies an information hierarchy and a detailed understanding of the way humans respond to images. Unless you understand the principles, it’s easy to come up with designs that fall flat. 

Consider some of the following questions graphic designers ask themselves when creating a logo: 

  • Is it impressive but easy to remember and recognise?
  • Are there elements that reflect what the brand does or is focused on?
  • Will the colours appeal to the target audience?
  • Does it tell a single ‘story’ rather than trying to share a number of messages?
  • Is it similar to a well-recognised or rival brand?
  • Is it scalable and versatile?  Can it be used at small and large format sizes for different assets (business cards to billboards) 
  • Has the font choice been considered as part of the overall vibe and tone of the brand?
  • Can it easily be resized and adapted for various requirements (e.g. can it be made to fit within a circle, square or rectangle?)

And that’s just a logo. There are so many more elements to consider when it comes to other image-based collateral. 

A professional graphic designer will understand your brand

Your graphic designer will get to know your company vision and your target audience. When you have an ongoing relationship with a designer, they’ll be able to pick up where they left off whenever you need new visual assets for your business. 

If you decide to go the freelancer route and use a different person every time you need some graphics put together, you won’t have consistency across your brand messaging. What’s more, freelancers are often spinning many plates and are unable to provide the attention your business deserves in a timely manner. 

Graphic design isn’t quick (especially if you’re not experienced)

Yes, you can take the DIY approach to graphic design but you are still spending time on the task. This is fine if you don’t have anything else to do but chances are there are other areas of your business that you could be focusing on.

If you want to grow your business, you need to master delegating. Finding someone reliable to help with tasks like copywriting, graphic design and social media management can help you achieve a great deal with minimal investment. When you outsource to a professional, you can focus on building the strategies and relationships that will grow your business.

Professional graphic design stands out

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. 

Professional graphic design makes a business more credible. Have a look at a few different brands and you will be able to see the ones that have invested in quality because they look so much more professional. 

Your graphic design is your first impression

Words and websites are important but the first thing anyone notices about a business is the look and feel. If yours is done well, you will be a step closer to a brand new customer. 

Work with a professional graphic designer from Reputation By Design

Reputation By Design was recently awarded Top Expert’s Best Graphic Design in Sydney. If you want to find out more about our professional graphic design services contact us today.