ALIGN BUILD: From Brand Vision to Viral Growth

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Project Summary

Align Build provides a unique, holistic home architectectural design service tailored to match their clients’ lifestyle and home aspirations. Mitch Emry, the CEO, sought Reputation by Design to elevate their social media presence, aiming to engage more individuals through a consistent and aesthetically pleasing content strategy.

Align Build already had an impressive library of on-brand videos and photos. When coupled with their brand style guides, it culminated in content that’s hard to scroll past.

With our help, in a span of just five months, Align Build’s Instagram account achieved a staggering 769% surge in reach and a 24% increase in likes and comments. Simultaneously, their Facebook page achieved a 325% jump in reach.

To explain, “reach” refers to the total number of unique individuals who see your content. On the other hand, “impressions” represent the number of times your content is displayed, irrespective of whether it was clicked on or not.

A crucial aspect of our client onboarding process involves matching our clients with one of our social media managers who resonate with their objectives, creativity, and personality. Nikki was perfect for this assignment for Align Build, with a keen design flair.

We recommend three-to-six-months to gain traction and receive acknowledgment from the respective platform’s algorithms.  Consistently generating original content and posting frequently are the keys to success. It’s imperative to shift focus from the sheer number of likes a post gets to the broader audience it manages to reach.

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