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Disability / Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Project Summary

We work with an incredible client in the disability advocacy space who wanted to get her message out to more people. She was posting consistently and had a decent number of followers, but her posts were averaging less than 500 impressions each.

We completed a full optimisation of her LinkedIn profile and took it from ‘bare bones’ to fully complete and added all of LinkedIn’s features and sections that were previously not being utilised. For example, the publications section can help you get found 7x more.

With more focused, user-generated content, rather than sharing links away to outside content, we’ve increased the client’s impressions to an average of 3,000 per post, with many posts exceeding 5,000 impressions and some also exceeding 13,000 impressions, over 250 likes and 20 reposts.

The outreach and messages she has received have also been exciting. And for a client whose mission is education and awareness, reaching tens of thousands more people every week with her messages of diversity, equity and inclusion, including for people with disabilities, is so important. Her primary aim is also to educate and influence businesses, so reaching more people on LinkedIn is the perfect platform to achieve this.

Three key takeaways:

1. If your LinkedIn profile isn’t optimised, you’re missing out on eyeballs

2. User generated content is key to engagement on social media, including LinkedIn

3. Linking away to content outside of LinkedIn can cause your post to be suppressed

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