Like an audience at an Oprah show, we love free things too.  The past couple of years has seen quite a transformation in the online photo library space: you can now access amazing shots across an incredible diversity of subjects without having to pay a cent in royalties or licences. If you have specific requirements, a traditional image library like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock still offers you a customised experience. They have superior search functionality overlaid on a huge database of imagery, much of it studio work specifically designed for professional use. However, for social media channels and other online marketing platforms, the free imagery that is out there is well worth exploring! Here’s a compilation of sites offering free photography for your downloading pleasure: A summary site with great info on imagery is Buffer Note: some sites may require you to register in order to access, and some may say attribution is required (that’s acknowledging the image source). Several sites on this list will have imagery in common, they don’t all have unique content.