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Social Media Manager

Natalie is one of our inspired social media managers and had been part of the Reputation by Design team since 2021, bringing with her six years of marketing experience.

Natalie’s bubbly personality and determination have seen her receive a professional chartered certificate in Marketing as well as recognition for her Global Response to Covid social media campaign listed in the top five on Hootsuite.

What Reputation By Design 'value' is important to you and why? 
Be adventurous - following analytics and monitoring trends are really important to me. I always keep an eye on results and performance and look for opportunities to develop accounts based on results. You can never be doing enough in Marketing, but it's easy to get lost in the latest platform or content and feel you need to be doing everything your competitors are doing. This isn't the case, every business is unique and one size doesn't fit all. You should be adventurous to stand out from the crowd, and not always follow the 'go-to' because it doesn't always apply to your own marketing platforms.

Why do you love coming to work every day?
Although we are all based on different corners of the globe, I often log on in the morning to a buzzing team chat sharing insights or even just comparing the temperatures in our countries! I feel supported and connected to people on the team despite the distance and time zones and that feels really special - I know many freelancers who don't get that experience. I also get to work from anywhere and I really enjoy that flexibility. From the beach to benches in the outback, and cafes in the city in Australia to my car after surfing, beautiful historical libraries in London, airports, trains and from my cosy flat in the UK.

One piece of advice for our clients.
Marketing is about playing the long game, you need to give time for results to show. A marketer who understands this is a greater asset to a company than someone who can make big promises based on past clients and projects. Always choose someone who takes time to understand your business, services, competitors in your industry - and most importantly you!

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